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I made this community to go along with the website that is coming very, very soon.

At this community you will get the latest news on all Nickelodeon shows (past and present), you can talk about your favorite shows (past and present), and talk about all of the ways you have gone about trying to save any of these shows.

Do not get us wrong - all shows that have been cancelled for quite some time are not undergoing a campaign to be brought back for new seasons. No, they are undergoing a campaign to get them back on TV in reruns and available on DVDs and in boxsets. Some shows have already achieved this, but we need to get Nickelodeon to realize that all of the shows need this (past and present).

Currently undergoing campaigns for new seasons (or a movie - i.e. second campaign listed): projectsavejn, Save Hey Arnold!, and Save Danny Phantom.

If there are any other campaigns currently going that you know of please send me an e-mail at destiniv@earthlink.net to let me know which other shows are currently undergoing a campaign and provide a link to a website for the campaign - thanks!


Oh, no -- The Rules!


Be sure to follow these and don't think I won't ban you if you go against any of these rules. I can tell you right now that I can and I definitely will.

1. All Viacom related shows, networks, and discussions are welcome here. All news posted here will be for any Vaicom owned network and for any location in the world, including, but not limited to: Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada (YTV - not owned by Viacom, but they show most of the same shows), South America, etc. If you have Viacom related news to post, make sure you post only a portion of the article with where you found it and the date the article released and then provide a fake-cut link to the rest of the article.

2. Do not post in txtspeak or l33t speak or any other form of netspeak. Some members will not understand anything you are saying. The point is to have intellectual conversations about our favorite shows with the English language used to it's full extent.

3. Only talk about Nickelodeon Network, NickToons Network, Noggin/The N, Nick@Nite, TV Land, Comedy Central, etc., Viacom International, Inc., the shows on these networks, and things of that sort. All spam and any other discussion will be deleted.

4. Promotions are accepted as long as it is for a community or website that has something to do with Nickelodeon Network, NickToons Network, Noggin/The N, Nick@Nite, TV Land, etc. or a show on any of Viacom's networks. If it is for a community or website of nothing similar in interest then your post will be deleted - if you continue to repost the same promotion constantly you will be banned.

5. This is not a place for you to post your fanfiction(s), so please don't. There are many other communities out there for that. If you do post your fanfiction here, then don't complain when they are deleted from the community. If you complain you will be warned - if you continue to complain, you will be banned. The rule is here, don't say that you didn't know.

6. Be civil - not only to fellow members, but also to Nickelodeon. We will not accept any harsh talk of any kind towards Nickelodeon or any other Viacom owned network. They are not are enemy - we have no enemy. Please keep that in mind. We are only trying to get Nickelodeon to actually listen to the viewers and that won't happen if all we do is talk badly about them. Try to think of the positive and mention what you think should be done in a positive way to get what we want. Posts containing negative talk about Nickelodeon will be deleted.

7. After you join, you may post only ONE introduction post. You can say a few things and then the rest of your introduction post must follow the survey provided below with "I love Classic Nick!" as the lj-cut text. Remember to post it in the HTML mode when posting to the community. This survey is not required, but it is a fun way to find new friends with similar interests (and I know how much people love surveys). I am also doing it this way as a means to see how many of you have actually read the rules. I will even do the survey too, but not until after a few others have joined and tried to post it so I can see who is reading the rules and who isn't.

8. You can post your graphics and pictures here as long as they are in some way related to Nickelodeon Network, NickToons Network, Noggin/The N, Nick@Nite, TV Land, Comedy Central, etc., and Viacom International, Inc. Ranging from Friends Only banners to icons - any and all graphics, and fanart are allowed that go by the first sentence of this rule. Make sure to only post 3 icons outside of a lj-cut as teasers, all others behind a lj-cut.


Member Introductions


Your Introduction Post should go by the following survey:


Community Creator/Maintainer/Moderator


destineyjen is your lovely Community Creator/Moderator and also the creator of the Save Nick Show's idea/website/forum.


Community Maintainer(s)/Moderator(s)



I am currently looking for more maintainers/moderators.
Please go to the first post in the community if you are interested in the
position of being a maintainer/moderator for Save Nickelodeon Shows LJ Community.
I will accept anyone who knows a lot about LJ layouts, how the communities work,
and anyone who keeps up with the latest Viacom news (all channels).





Please go to the first post in the community and make a post about what you would like to affiliate with SNS LJ Community if you are interested in becoming an affiliate of Save Nickelodeon Shows LJ Community!

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